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Vassilis Levantidis (English version)

Curriculum Vitae

Vassilis Levantidis was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1971 and raised in Anargiri, a town of Northern Greece.

He studied journalism, mass media, public relations and literature at the Center of Professional Studies (KEPE) in Athens as well as the Center of Literal Studies (KEFKS) in Thessaloniki.

Today he is a contributor to the daily tv magazine “Nostos”, of the state tv channel of Northern Greece (ERT3), with a revue concerning books and literature under the title “Books, windows to the world” as well as editor and presenter of the weekly tv magazine “The Books’ Street” for the Thessaloniki based Tv channel “Best News”.

He is also editor of a page with cultural news from Northern Greece in the weekly cultural supplement of the Athens based daily newspaper “Imerissia” and of the Northern Greece daily newspaper “Egnatia” as well as contributor of articles in various other magazines e.g. “Epiloges” (a weekly variety magazine insert in the newspaper “Makedonia”), “Tahidromos” (a weekly digest magazine insert in newspaper “Ta Nea”, political magazine “Ekfrasis” and the e-literature magazine

Previously he has been editor in chief of the Thessaloniki based weekly cultural newspaper “To Orama” (Barbounakis Publications, 1998 – 2002), as well as writer and presenter of two weekly tv magazines for private tv stations of Thessaloniki “The Books’ Street” (Tv Macedonia, 1994 – 2000) and “Best Seller” (Cosmo tv, 1995 – 1997).

Vassilis Levantidis is a stuff member of the press, mass communications, public and international relations office of the Publishers’ Association of Northern Greece (Book Festival of Thessaloniki) as well as of the Association of Local Authorities of Greater Thessaloniki. He is also one of the founding members of the Cultural Center of South Eastern Europe.

He has also an active interest in publications, as a curator and in advertising.

His literary career began in 1990 with the publication of a poetry collection titled “Folds of Trough”.

His second book “Recordings of Radiosounds” published in 1993 has been awarded a prize by the Academy of Athens in 1994.

In 2000 the University of Athens awarded a prize to his book “In the world of Communications” published in 1997, witch is now used as a textbook in different Schools of journalism.

His latest book, another poetry collection under the title “Frequent Visitors”, was published in 2000.

For his overall contribution to books and publishing Vassilis Levantidis has been awarded different prizes by the Thessaloniki Society of Booksellers, the Municipality of Thessaloniki as well as the Northern Greece Association of Publishers.

More than 200 intellectuals, writers, publishers and journalists have, till now, been interviewed by Vassilis Levantidis and their work has been presented in tv talk shows and articles. Among them are the rector of the University of Europe and renown byzantinologist Helene Arweller, the philosopher Christos Giannaras, the academicians Emmanuel Kriaras, Christos Tsolakis, Yorgos Anastasiadis, Konstantine Vakalopoulos and Nikolaos Moutsopoulos, the writers and UNESCO officials Vassilis Vassilikos and Antonis Samarakis, Antonio Tambouki, Jacques Lacarrier and Rosa Montero, the poets Yorgos Chronas, Titos Patrikios, Dinos Christianopoulos and Takis Varbitsiotis etc.

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